Hello, dance fans! I am Rochelle Rodriguez, fashion designer and owner of  SPARKLE. We are a runway inspired dancewear company located in Dallas, Texas.  I spent over half my life dancing before entering the exciting fashion world. Now, I am combining my two loves to bring you danceable designs with a high fashion feel. Our mission is simple, help you elevate your performance with runway inspired designs.


My inspiration comes straight from fashion week.  Specifically, the  “BIG 4” runways shows (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) held in February and September each year. Inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes it is a color, sleeve, or fabric, and other times it is the entire garment. 


Case in point, the stunning Michael Costello gown in red (pictured on the right). The entire dress was full of inspiration. I had to think,  how can this be redesigned to be more danceable. So, I attached briefs, lined the center for coverage, but kept a lot of these details from his original design. Fittingly, she is named “Michaela.” 

Many of our designs can be customized by changing fabrics or colors. One team’s modern can become another team’s pom with a simple fabric change. And  fear not, our team is always an e-mail away to help with any design needs or questions.


I truly LOVE getting to work with you and your girls. SPARKLE is a smaller boutique costume company and because of that, my first priority is YOU! My goal is to make your dancers feel as special as possible when they put on their SPARKLE costume. 



Michael Costello