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ate·​lier: an artist's or designer's studio or workroom


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The SPARKLE Atelier is our custom division.

Our team is proud to offer beautiful, custom-made pieces inspired by you. We collaborate over the course of 8-12 weeks, taking into consideration your music, choreography and the overall feel you want from your performance. Multiple sketches are sent to you and we will make as many adjustments as needed until your desired look is achieved. Once a sketch is approved we will create the first fit sample and send to you. From there, you can fit on your team and see it move. We will make any final adjustments and then produce your full order. Custom new designs have a minimum order of 30 units per style.

During peak seasons August through January, we have limited space. Requests will be accepted based on design and availability. There is a $300 new design fee which includes one fit sample. Typically, by mid November we are unable to take any more NEW design requests. However, we are always happy to work with you on customizing a current or past style. 

Most of our catalog styles can be customized. For orders of 30 or more we can customize colors and fabrics. There are endless possibilities. For orders of 30 or less, colors will depend on fabric availability.  Depending on the style, there may be a price increase of $5-$10 per garment for a different fabric. 

PLEASE NOTE: SPARKLE will not copy or recreate a design from another dancewear/costume company. Likewise, please do not ask another company to recreate SPARKLE styles. We are happy to make modifications to our own styles whenever possible.


If you are ready to start creating please fill out the form below.


Check out our exclusive SPARKLE Pinterest boards for our latest runway inspirations.

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